How-To: Place Metal Nose Bridge Insert

Our face masks now come with a sewn channel into which you can place a metal nose bridge insert. These inserts allow the mask to contour your nose for a snug, comfortable fit.

Here is a quick guide to placing your metal nose bridge insert.

  1. Reverse your mask if necessary to ensure your preferred fabric is on the outside
  2. On the inside of the mask, locate an opening on either end, near the ear loops
  3. This opening serves as a pocket for removable filters, but also to access the metal nose bridge insert channel
  4. As in Figure 1 below, insert the metal nose bridge piece into the opening and channel
  5. Figure 2 shows from the outside of the mask where the metal insert will go
  6. Holding the mask from the exterior, gently guide the insert into the channel until it is centered in the mask
  7. Place the mask on your face and gently bend the metal nose bridge insert to conform to your face (Figure 3)