Design Changes & Build Your Own Mask!

The Holidays are here, and we have some great news to share with you! We’ve made some much requested changes to the design of our masks, and we have a special custom-mask offer just in time for Christmas!

Metal Nose Bridge Wire

A well-fitting mask should fit snuggly against your nose, which is why we’re now including the option to insert a metal nose bridge wire into all of our masks. As well, we include two metal bridge wires with every mask ordered so you have a spare!

How to install & replace your metal nose bridge insert

Built-in Filter Pocket

We design our masks to meet and exceed the public health recommendations for non-medical fabric masks. To this end, we’ve included a pocket into which you can insert a disposable filter. This way, your mask will contain two layers of tightly-woven fabric and one filter layer of your choosing.

Build Your Own Mask

You no longer need to merely shop from our stock of existing inventory! Choose any two fabrics and we’ll make your mask to order!

Build Your Own Mask

Choose two fabrics and we’ll make your custom mask on-demand! All custom masks include a filter pocket and two metal nose bridge wires.

Shop Our Inventory

We’ve got loads of beautiful, premium non-medical face masks ready to ship! All masks include a filter pocket and two metal nose bridge wires.